Year 6 Transition 2020

Welcome to our Year 6 Transition Page. As transition will look a little different this year, we are going to be posting lots of videos and activities for you to complete over the next two months. We can't wait to see you soon.

                       Click here to see a welcome video from Mr Adkin


 Click here to see a welcome video from Mrs Baglin and find out more about Le Rocquier School

Click here to find out more about our inclusion department, from Mrs Shipton-Taylor

Click here to meet Mr Dicker and your tutors!

Click here to find out about our Behaviours for Learning, from Mrs Stier

Our transition activities are based around our six Behaviours for Learning. Check this page each week to find out your next activity and meet more of the Le Rocquier staff.

1. Problem Solving & Independence
pdf Click here for the first Behaviours For Learning Challenge (389 KB)

2. Decision Making
pdf Click here for the Decision Making Challenge

(171 KB)

3. Self-Regulative & Reflective
  pdf Click here for the Self-Regulative & Reflective Challenge (165 KB)

4. Perseverance & Resilience
pdf Click here for the Perseverance & Resilience Challenge (194 KB)

5. Leadership & Initiative
  pdf Click here for the Leadership & Initiative Challenge (165 KB)

6. Enterprise & collaboration

Summer Homework Challenge 2020!

Attached below is the summer homework challenge. Complete the challenge at home and bring them in when you start in September. We cannot wait to see your entries!
pdf Click here for the Summer Homework Challenge 2020! (180 KB)

At Le Rocquier, we have 9 faculties. Each week, we will post a video from a faculty, so you can get to know more about them.

Welcome to Humanities

Welcome to Science

Welcome to Technical Skills

Welcome to Social Science