Year 8 is a big year for students to step out of Little Rocq and involve themselves fully in the main school. They will be with a new group of tutors and will be tackling the full curriculum of the main school. It is a year for consolidation of what has happened in Year 7 and further preparation for examinations in year 11 and life beyond school. Students can still look forward to form time competitions, interactive and informative assemblies and various rewards trips throughout the year.

The focus for all students is taking responsibility for their learning, solving their own everyday problems and managing their workload and friendships. We aim to make the social development of your child our priority by encouraging them to join in as many of these activities as possible.

The Year 8 Parents’ Evenings take place later in the school year. This meeting time is vital to go through your child’s report and highlight areas of success or areas for improvement within the curriculum. However, we would ask that you contact us with any concerns you have as the year progresses. As a parent-student-school partnership, we can look forward to supporting and celebrating the successes of your child. I have every confidence that they will achieve great things in Year 8 and the years that follow and I very much look forward to seeing them develop into mature, young adults.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact their Form Tutor in the first instance.