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Year 10 is a fabulous year with many opportunities for our students. Not only do they embark upon the subjects of their choice, promoting their skills and talents but they also have the challenge of a three week work placement with Project Trident. Year 10 students are also major contributors in our superb dance shows and school productions. With this in mind we guide our students through the rigours of GCSEs, while nurturing their well-being and guiding them into adulthood.
Year 10 also brings with it responsibility, and students are invited to show their dedication to the school all year, with the view of being selected into several important positions of responsibility: Prefect, or a member of the Y11 Leadership Team comprising of Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies. For many, this is an opportunity that they aspire to from Year 7 onwards.
Each year every year group selects a charity to raise money for. This year Year 10, Year 7 and Year 11 all chose the same charity, JAYF, who allocate homes to homeless people in the island between the ages of 16-25. This charity was chosen as a result of a Jersey Evening Post article which was written about an ex-Le Rocquier student who is currently accessing their help, and had found their help life changing.
We have a very strong pastoral team who are committed to the students in their care. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point.