The start of the year is a good time to make improvement in the important aspects of your life including being a parent.   Here are some tips to start the New Year.

  • 1. Focus more on your own resilience. Children learn what they live so if you want your children to be resilient, optimistic or live healthy lifestyles, then try being more resilient, optimistic or a living a healthy lifestyle yourself.
  • 2. Eat more together. The regular ritual of sitting down and eating together as a family unit is underestimated by many parents. Regular mealtimes is the glue that binds families together.
  • 3. Talk more. British research reveals that conversations between parents and children impact as heavily on children's achievement levels as parents reading to children.
  • 4. Laugh and play more. Families are fairly serious places these days just as childhood is quite adult-like. At home try to laugh more, play more and spend more time relaxing with your children.
  • 5. Plan more adult-time. Research from the Work-Life Institute in New York found that busy parents who coped best brought the workplace skills of planning and organisation into their family lives. Try to build time with partners and other adults, children need to know that adults need time to be alone as well as family time.