Ten useful tips / strategies for parents to better support their child's ability to manage homework effectively.

1. Encourage your child to develop a daily routine after school, setting aside time for homework to be undertaken.

2. Sit and jointly plan in advance time for homework tasks so they are not managed at the last minute by your child.

3. Talk to your child about their homework, reading through work completed at home, discussing the quality of their work and what they have learnt.

4. Provide a place at home where homework can be completed without distractions such as the television.

5. Offer praise and encouragement to your child with issues linked to homework. Remain positive and be supportive. Remember, it is their homework, you are there to support and guide where this is needed.

6. Encourage your son / daughter to proof-read their work and make the necessary amendments to improve the quality and presentation of their work

7. Encourage your son / daughter to utilise their ICT skills through the use of the Internet for research, as well as through books at home or at the public library.

8. Encourage you son / daughter to make use of the after school homework club hosted in the school library, offering access to computers, school network and reference books. ( 3.10 p.m to 4.30 p.m Monday to Thursday)

9. With longer term projects, discuss with your son / daughter a work schedule to break the main project into more manageable ‘bite-sized' parts. These can then be managed weekly, avoiding a mad rush to complete a task set many weeks previously.

10. Openly share any concerns that you have with your child relating to homework by making contact with his / her form tutor or Year Co-ordinator.