Health & Social Care will change the way you view your life; from the way you look after yourself to the services that you use to maintain holistic wellbeing.

Throughout the course you will be drawing on a number of real life case studies and applying them to the course content. You will be getting active with the research on physical health and speaking to professionals.

Students who follow GCSE Health & Social Care will be caring and interested in people. They will become motivated to be responsible for themselves and take some responsibility for their impact on others in society.

Health & Social Care is a life changing subject to follow and can be recommended to inspire lifelong learning.
Equipment needed:
•    Full Classroom stationery
•    H&SC Course text book
•    File to maintain organization of revision & coursework notes. (to be given)
•    Access to a computer including the internet.

Specific information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum and how it is assessed:

GCSE Health & Social Care
There are 2 areas of study to contribute to a single GCSE grade.

40% Unit 1: Examination
Understanding Personal Development & Relationships:
An exam based on the stages of physical growth & intellectual/emotional & social development..

60% Unit 2: coursework
Promoting Health & Well-Being:
2 short portfolios covering the needs of client groups, access and barriers to revision and work roles.

Department slogan: Life is an Education