art smArt is an interesting and demanding subject that allows students to explore
and express their own creativity. Students will learn new skills and
experiment with a wide range of new materials and processes to extend and
explore their visual language.

Information about the Key Stage 3 curriculum and how it is assessed: 

Students will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of local, national and international artists to aid the development of their own work but also be encouraged to find their own style and make personal responses to project titles. Students will create work individually, in pairs and in groups on a wide range of topics covering the universal themes in Art of Still Life, Portraiture and Landscape.  Art work is formally assessed in Key assessment tasks throughout the course

Information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum and how it is assessed:

Art, Photography and Graphic Communication GCSE's are offered at Key Stage 4. All subjects are made up of two units.

Unit 1 (Coursework worth 60%) is a portfolio of work which will consist of 2/3 projects, a sketch book and additional work and Unit 2 which is an externally set task (Exam worth 40%).

The coursework is divided into two, three or four projects. Each project is further divided into four assessment objectives: AO1 Developing Ideas, AO2 Using Resources, AO3 Recording Ideas and AO4 Making a Response. Students are expected to attend Art & Design club at least once a week to support their work.