PSHE & Careers are non-examined subjects which are timetabled for 1 lesson a week across all year groups.

A wide range of topics are taught as part of the PSHE curriculum. Students are offered a spiral program which means concepts and themes are revisited over the years to build upon and develop knowledge and skills.

Some of the topics may also be delivered during activity events, visits or in assemblies, giving students more time to focus on the area of study being covered and receive the most up-to-date education.

The curriculum endeavours to develop self-esteem, confidence, independence and responsibility in students. The department strives to allow students to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge that will equip them presently and in the future to make informed choices.

All students will leave lessons with a positive self-image and high levels of self-esteem. The importance of leading independent, informed and healthy lifestyles is highlighted, with the enjoyment and lifelong benefits that it can bring being recognised. Raising levels of general self-esteem and self-confidence is an area that the department focuses on, as well as improving and developing personal skills to perform in the real world.

The faculty has strong links with all of the Island services; with regular liaison with Careers Jersey, Social Security, PMNW, British Red Cross, Brook Advisory, 16+ education providers, the YES project, The Armed Services, Road Safety, The Donna Annand Melanoma Charity and ACET. Such links help to ensure that we continue to deliver the very best guidance for students within the curriculum.

PSHE & Careers provides opportunities for students to be independent and to face up to different challenges as individuals, as part of a group and within a team. It is important that all students are encouraged to appreciate their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, and respond sensitively and appropriately to the needs of individuals and groups.

The main areas of focus are:
•    Careers education and guidance
•    Financial capability including Economic and Enterprise education
•    Health education including SRE and drugs and alcohol education.
•    Citizenship

Here is a snapshot of topics covered within each year group:

Year 7 Year 8 year 9 year 10 year 11
  • Ground rules
  • Friendship
  • Personal target setting
  • Learning styles and study
  • Teamwork
  • Work roles and aspiration.
  • Budgeting and money
  • Values
  • Bullying
  • Relationships and family
  • SRE: puberty & development of relationships.
  • Hygiene
  • Diet and exercise
  • Tobacco, solvents
  • Careers pathways, roles and skills
  • Business and enterprise
  • Consumer choice
  • Financial risk, morals and ethnical challenges
  • Prejudice, discrimination and racism
  • Marriage and civil partnerships
  • SRE: intimacy, development of relationships, sexuality, contraception and BROOK.
  • First Aid
  • Risk reduction
  • Careers planning and review
  • Strengths and attribute.
  • Learning and work
  • Employability
  • 14+ options
  • Qualification and information sources
  • Study & research skills
  • Sexting & Internet safety
  • Harassment & vulnerability.
  • Consumer rights
  • Diversity, homophobia & discrimination.
  • Sexting
  • Domestic Violence
  • Body image and health
  • Strengths, confidence and self esteem
  • Work, employment & Trident work experience selection
  • Democracy, voting & Jersey political system
  • Saving, student finance, debit and credit
  • JACS
  • Assertiveness and negotiation
  • SRE: STI testing, unwanted pregnancies.
  • Resilience
  • Stress
  • Consent
  • Review and planning
  • 16+ options
  • Career progression
  • CV, personal statement, action planning, formal letter writing
  • Interviewing
  • Marketing themselves
  • SRE: sexual attraction and orientation.
  • Porn & misconceptions around sex
  • STI testing
  • Healthy relationships
  • Rape


Please note that in Year 11 ALL students are seen for a one-to-one Careers meeting to offer them guidance and advice for their 16+ choices and careers planning.

Websites that are linked to PSHE & Careers education and can offer extra support, advice and guidance are found below.

 Hautlieu School   Jersey Goverment Website   Jersey College for Girls  Highlands College  Victoria College   Advance to Work


States of Jersey Social Security   Cascaid   Talk to Frank   Brook   Playin' it safe   Teen Issues  Get Connected  Beat Bullying

If you would like to know more, regarding the curriculum that we offer and the work that we do, please contact me at school.

Mrs N Stier
Head of PSHE Careers Faculty.
Tel: 01534 855876 ext 1214.
Email: N.Stier