dance smDance was introduced into the curriculum at Le Rocquier in 2006 and has become an important part of the Physical Education that is delivered at the school. Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 take weekly classes in Dance and then have the option to study a Btec examination in Year 10 and 11. Dance classes offer many different styles of Dance ranging from ballet to hip-hop as well as looking at Cultural Dance styles such as African and American.
Students also have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular lessons which work towards Dance shows, the Jersey Eisteddfod and also the Dance World Cup.
Dance helps students not only with their physical fitness but also helps with team building, trust and confidence.

Specific information about the Key Stage 3 curriculum and how it is assessed:
In Key stage 3 students follow the national curriculum for Dance which falls within physical education. Students will study 6 different topics within each year with an assessment at the end of each half term. They will look at different genres of Dance and each year will look at a different cultural Dance style. Students will study professional Dance pieces and well as choreograph their own pieces.
In assessment students are marked against the national curriculum levels for physical education.

Specific information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum and how it is assessed:
Key stage 4 students study the Btec First Certificate in Performing Arts Dance. This is a vocational course that does not have a final written examination. Students work through 3 modules; Performing Dance, Contemporary Dance and Urban Dance. Students are given assignments in the 3 modules where they work towards a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade. Students are assessed in class as well as performance in the Dance show, Jersey Eisteddfod and Btec Performance Evenings. This course is the equivalent of 1 GCSE


Department slogan:'To dance is to live, to live is to dance.'


Staff: Miss Le Blancq