Le Rocquier School: Recommended Book List Year 7 & 8





A funny, frank story about a boy struggling to fit in because of his looks.


Bone: Out from Boneville


Jeff Smith

A comic book

saga in which   unlikely heroes       fight the forces         of evil to save an     idyllic valley.


Journey to the River Sea


Eva Ibbotson

A tale of discovery for an orphaned girl to S.America


Artemis Fowl


Eoin Colfer

Adventures of a 12 year old genius and dangerous fairies.




Michael Grant

A fight for survival when everyone over 15 suddenly disappears.


The Fault in Our Stars


John Green

Exploring love, life and death through the eyes of a teenage girl.


Diary of a Skateboarding



Ben Powell

Extracts from the diary of a skater.


Noughts & Crosses


Malorie Blackman

First novel in a trilogy of teenagers lives in a segregated society.




Robert Rigby

The story of a young boy’s dream to become a footballer.


Harry Potter


J.K. Rowling

The first in the series of Harry Potter’s magical adventures as a wizard.




Louis Sachar

A funny story of survival and friendship.


Lord Loss


Darren Shan

Book one in the compelling dark horror series: The Demonata.


Percy Jackson


The Lightning Thief

The funny adventures of a boy who discovers he is half boy, half God.


The Enemy


Charlie Higson

Children fight to survive in a world where the adults have been turned into zombies.


Soccer Squad:

Starting Eleven


Bali Rai

The stories of a group of friends attempts to get into a football club.


The Story of Tracy Beaker


Jacqueline Wilson

The funny, thoughtful story of life in a children’s home.



The Medusa Project series


Sophie Mckenzie

The thrilling adventures of four teenagers developing psychic abilities.



Touching the Void


Joe Simpson

A personal account of a climb before and after disaster strikes.


How to Train your Dragon


Cressida Cowell

The funny, gripping story of a boys attempt to become a hero.




Stephenie Meyer

A teenage romance with a vampiric twist.


The Hobbit


J.R.R. Tolkien

Classic story of magic, dragons, treasure and adventure.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Jeff Kinney

The amusing story of a ‘wimpy kid’ in diary format.


Goodnight Mr.Tom


Michelle Magorian

An amazing tale of friendship between a shy evacuee and a surly old man.


Gangsta Granny


David Walliams

A hilarious moving novel about a “gangsta granny.”


Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment


James Patterson

An action series with adventure and mystery.


The Spooks Apprentice


Joseph Delaney

A chilling thriller based on the fight against evil and the supernatural.


The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox


Ali Sparkes

A thriller based around a school for children with special powers.


Chinese Cinderella


Adeline Yen Mah

The author’s moving story of growing up as an unwanted daughter in China.


The Way of the Warrior


Chris Bradford

Exciting action packed adventure of a boys fight for survival from a shipwreck in Japan.


Kensuke’s Kingdom


Michael Morgurgo

A story of survival and friendship between a Japanese man and a young boy on a secluded island.


The Weight of Water


Sarah Crossan

First love, friendship and quiet courage in this story of immigration and coming of age.


Calvin and Hobbes


Bill Watterson

The magical and funny adventures of a young boy and his toy tiger. Comic format.