Focus on Writing

“You can make anything by writing.” C.S. Lewis

The importance of Writing

Every day, we need to write in order to complete a variety of tasks whether this is filling in a form or writing a letter or e-mail. Employees in many kinds of jobs are required to write on daily basis from taking phone messages to writing reports. The ability to do a job well may depend upon the ability to write and many job applicants must also submit a letter and a CV when applying for a new job. Writing is also a common way to keep in touch with friends and relatives so the ability to write clearly and organise information effectively is important.

At school students do a lot of writing and many assignments and exams require students to write short answers or longer essays as a way to assess what they have learned. Colleges will also require students to write a letter or personal statement as part of their admissions process.

Students learn to write in different ways in different subjects. However, all good writing is underpinned by good grammar, punctuation and spelling. Students need to focus on how they are writing and not just what they are writing in order to make progress.

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Opportunities for parents to support writing development at home


  • Make sure that your child sees you writing
  • Writing thank you letters or annual family newsletters
  • Writing shopping lists
  • Entering national competitions
  • Keep a diary/journal, especially in the holidays
  • Writing down telephone messages
  • Sending cards with a special message in for birthdays and other special occasions


Full stops and capital letters

Question marks

Exclamation marks







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