geography smThe aim of Geography is to provide students with an understanding of the world in which they live. The subject is unique in offering a spatial awareness as the basis of its study. Geography looks into issues that relate people to the environments in which they live. It is basically a study of People and Places.

Specific information about the Key Stage 3 curriculum and how it is assessed: …………a range of topics are covered; Places, Themes and Environments. Examples of topics include China, Brasil, Water and Flooding, Development, Coastal management and Transport. Many of these are topical and contemporary and issues in the news are taken on as well. Assessment is ongoing and feature Key Assessment Tasks in addition to day to day class and homework.………….

Specific information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum and how it is assessed: ………………see table……


New spec.


Unit title

Key skill

Summary of topic content


Unit 1; Contemporary Themes:

1: Extreme Environments


Explore 2 contrasting environments;

deserts and mountain

Unit 1; Contemporary Themes:

1 hour 45 min exam

(50% of total).

Contemporary Themes:

2: You as a Global citizen


Investigate the impact of our consumer decisions


Contemporary Themes:

3: Similarities and differences


Compare our home area with a contrasting place.


Unit 2; Geographical Skills


Interpretation of OS maps using geographical skills.

1 hour 15 min exam

(25% of total)

Unit 3: Local geographical Investigation


Completion of a successful geographical investigation.

Controlled assessment

1 task 2000 words.

Task title set by exam board.

(25% of total).


Department slogan: ……Everything and Everywhere……………………

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