Letter from Head Teacher

We have ended this Half Term on a high.  As I write Activities Week is in full swing.  We have three groups ‘off island’ in Barcelona, Paris and London, as well as numerous activities taking place ‘on island’ and in school.  This is an appropriate time for me to say thank you to all the staff who go above and beyond the call of duty to organise these activities on a regular basis.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and you can see that not only are the children enjoying themselves, they are learning valuable life skills too.

We are also in the midst of Work Experience for Year 10.  The reports I am receiving from Mr Varley Best and numerous other sources are reminding me what wonderful students we have.  I spoke to the Year 10 students before they left for Work Experience to wish them well and to remind them that as of the 11th June they are the lead year group in the school.  This does come with various privileges, such as wearing professional dress for some, as well as the opportunity of being the only year group to be able to use the main stairs.  Being the lead year group also comes with significant responsibilities; current Year 10 are now our role models for approximately 700 students.  Needless to say I am more than confident that the Year 10 students will deliver on this responsibility in more ways than one.  We have very high expectations indeed.

Our current Year 11 had an amazing last day in school.  The day was full of emotions, memories of the past five years, as well as hopes for the future.  Many staff commented on the maturity of the year group: their respect for the staff and the school was clear to see.  We wish Year 11 students well and look forward to an exciting Prom at the end of June and some amazing exam results in August.

We are currently planning for next Half Term and for the start of another academic year in September.  The school continues to go from strength to strength in many ways.  The school is at its full capacity with another large group of students starting Year 7 in September.  We are also very proud to say that the vast majority of students in Year 9, who exceeded the entry criteria to transfer to Hautlieu, have decided to stay at Le Rocquier to complete their education in Years 10 and 11.

In finishing, I would like to thank all of the parents and friends of Le Rocquier for their continued support.  We are aiming to be ‘outstanding in everything we do’ and your support is highly valued.   May the sun continue to shine all summer!

In order to celebrate the achievements of Year 11 as a year group, we will be holding a Leavers’ Prom on Thursday 28th June 2012.  This event will be held in school and will require much preparation.  It is for this reason that I will be closing the school early on this day.  Lessons will continue as normal until 12.40 when a final registration will be held. School buses will depart at 12.45 pm.

Elections were held recently for the Le Rocquier Head Boy and Girl who will take over these roles now that the current Year 11 students have left.

There was a tough interview process to make it through to the next round. This involved them giving a speech to each of the 5 year groups and staff and then voting took place. This was as close to the formal political voting process as possible.  The results were as follows:

Head Boy – Steffan Kermin
Deputies – Joshua Clark and Joshua Morrison
Head Girl – Stephanie Earle
Deputies  – Aimee Barker and Shannon Webber