Interview Expenses: All reasonable / listed expenses incurred in attending the interview will be met. Where it is possible, public transport should be used. Receipts for all expenses should be provided.

Accommodation Visit: The successful candidate will be offered a visit to the Island, with a spouse/partner to address housing needs, which will include transport to and from the Island and two nights hotel expenses for bed and breakfast.

Relocation to Jersey: The successful candidate will be required to relocate to Jersey and to make their permanent home in Jersey.  

Removals to Jersey: Removal expenses for all household effects and furnishings, including personal transport for postholder and family, can be claimed, providing three written quotations for the main removal have been submitted which must include a local Jersey company. Included in the estimates should also be an indication of the total cost of insurance of furniture in transit, excluding V.A.T.

Relocation expenses: Relocation expenses incurred by those recruited from outside of the Island to “essential” posts will be reimbursed in accordance with the attached schedule providing in all cases that:

•    The reason for moving is to take up an appointment with the States of Jersey.
•    The removal takes place within 12 months of taking up the appointment.
•    The employee signs a formal agreement to undertake to repay any monies paid in respect of a relocation allowance if the employee resigns or is dismissed (other than by way of compulsory redundancy) from his/her employment with the States of Jersey prior to the end of  any fixed term contract or within 5 years of commencing permanent employment.
•    Receipts, as proof of expenditure are provided to the employing department.

Finding Accommodation: The successful candidate is permitted to lease or purchase accommodation which has been approved for occupation by ”J” category essential employees.  

Permanent J Category Contract employees are able to buy J category property by forming an individual private Company which in turn will be granted consent to purchase property for the essential employee’s occupation.      The property must carry a 1(1)(j) category classification, i.e. not be specifically restricted to persons with local residential qualifications only.   Further information about this scheme is attached.

The person appointed may be entitled to a rental subsidy. The employing department retains the right to agree the cost of rental accommodation and level of rental subsidy paid.

Rental Property: Permanent contract workers may chose to rent accommodation rather than purchase property.

    Average rental prices are:
    1 Bedroom                  £800 - £1200 per month
    3 Bedroom house        £1500 - £2000 per month

J category accommodation is generally valued at over £250,000.

Property Rates: There is no council tax in Jersey.The owners and occupiers of accommodation are responsible for paying “rates” to the parish authorities, who provide rubbish collection, road maintenance and facilities for the Parish. There are twelve Parishes in Jersey and “rates” vary between parishes. Rates are paid annually and will average £150 for a 2 bed-roomed rented property.

Not all homes in Jersey are connected to mains drains and water facilities.

Salary Deductions: Automatic deductions from salary include:
Pension: A compulsory Employee’s contribution of 5%
Social Security: A compulsory Employee’s contribution of 6%
Tax: A compulsory Employee’s contribution which is assessed or deducted by default at 20%
Pensions: You will be required to join the Jersey Teachers Superannuation Scheme.  
 The current contributory rate for the scheme is 5% by employee and 16.4% by employer.

 If offered this post you may wish to discuss your personal circumstances with Gail Bentley, Pension Administration Manager who would be happy to provide advice on a confidential basis. (Telephone 01534 440191)

Social Security: Employee’s contribution- 6.00%    
(The employee’s contribution to Social Security is limited to a maximum of £218.76 per month.)

You will be required to pay into the Social Security scheme for 6 months before you can claim subsidised doctors, prescription charges and any cash benefits that you may be entitled to claim for i.e.  sickness, accidents, and maternity payments.

 If you or any of your dependants are claiming UK benefits, it is important to check whether these benefits or their equivalent can be paid in Jersey.

A compulsory deduction in respect of income Tax in accordance with an effective rate (ITIS) is determined by the Income tax office.

 There is currently no PAYE in Jersey, but we do have ITIS (Income Tax Instalment System) which was introduced January 2006. The tax year runs from January to December. Income tax is payable a year in arrears.

Health Care: New residents are entitled to subsidised Doctors visits and prescription costs after 6 months residency. After 6 months, the cost of a visit to the doctor’s surgery is approximately £35 to £40, however prescription items are currently free.

Good hospital facilities are available at no cost, there are waiting lists for treatment. Private facilities are available at a cost.

 On arriving in the Island you should register with the Income Tax Office and the Social Security Department immediately.

Eligibility for other posts: This post has been made open to applicants from the United Kingdom because of the needs for skills not readily available in Jersey. The person appointed to this position may not transfer to other posts which are outside of their specialist area during the period of their contract.

‘J’ Category Status: For residency purposes, this is categorised as being a 1.1 (J) contract, and it means that you will be able to work in Jersey without the normal 5 year residency requirement, and you will be able to purchase or rent housing in the J category sector.

Employment of Spouse or Children
The spouse and children under 18 (or 25 if in full time Education) of an essential employee (J category) may apply for jobs within Jersey, including the public service, provided that they are sharing accommodation with the essential employee.

Contract Clearances

Police Record Clearance: The appointment is subject to receipt of satisfactory Police Record clearance and fit person checks.

Medical Clearance: This appointment is subject to health clearance by the Occupational Health Service, and you may be required to attend a health interview.

References: This appointment is subject to the receipt of satisfactory references.  We will not approach your referees without your permission.

Probation Period: Teachers in their first appointment with the Jersey Education Service are subject to a probationary period of two terms which may be extended by a further term if appropriate.

Other Information

Motor Vehicles: There is no road tax in Jersey as road tax is included in petrol prices.
Average cost per litre of unleaded petrol - £1.05
Car Insurance should be less expensive than in UK due to lower risk. Vehicles in Jersey display a windscreen insurance disk.

There is currently no M.O.T. on the Island, but regular roadside checks are carried out by local police. Vehicles registered overseas are checked prior to being granted Jersey registration.

To drive in Jersey, residents are required to hold a Jersey driving licence, (issued by the parish in which they reside) and re-register cars with new Jersey registration numbers.
Prior to receiving Jersey registration, imported vehicles are required to pass a thorough test similar to an M.O.T.

    Admin cost for vehicle inspection        - £29.05
    New Jersey Registration number         - £23.00
    Jersey driving licence                        - £40 (for 10 years)
Vehicle registration duty may also be levied upon registration. The amount of duty is dependent on the cc. of the vehicle, the date it was first registered etc. Full information regarding this duty and other information regarding vehicle registration in Jersey can be found on the Driver and Vehicle Standards internet site -

Parking charges in St Helier are 70p per hour or part hour. A monthly season ticket is currently £107.46.

If you have recently purchased a new car and are planning to bring it to Jersey, please check with the Driving Vehicle Standards Department as there may be a cost.

Contact name    Driver and Vehicle Standards
Phone number    +44 (0) 1534 448600
Fax    +44 (0) 1534 448641
Email address    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4.15pm Saturday and Sunday closed

The legal system:  Jersey has its own Government and Legislative responsibilities. Many Laws which apply in the UK have no equivalent in Jersey Law.

Education: Jersey has a high quality State funded Education system including provision for pupils with special needs. There is also a selection of fee paying schools. The Education system is based on the National curriculum and pupils work to GCSE and A’ level syllabus. There is a further Education College in Jersey offering a range of opportunities. There is no Higher Education centre, however, the F.E College offers limited access to degree courses.
Access to non fee paying primary and secondary schools is organised on the basis of defined catchment areas.
Fees for private schools vary. Some private schools are selective.

Private school fees per term at September 2010
 (This list of fee paying schools is illustrative and not exhaustive)
Jersey College for Girls Prep (4-11)    £1228.00 per term          
Jersey College for Girls (11-18)    £1340.00 per term  
Victoria College Prep (Boys 4-11)    £1398.00 per term
Victoria College (Boys 11-18)    £1398.00 per term
De La Salle (Boys 4-18)        £1498.00 per term
Beaulieu Convent (Girls 4-18)    £1529.00 per term
St Michaels School (Primary 4-12)   £2926.00 per term
St Michaels School (Year 8 only)    £3996.00 per term

Living: Jersey has a good selection of shops. U.K chains are represented by  Boots, B.H.S, Next and Marks and Spencer, amongst others clothing shops. Many shops offer VAT free shopping.

Jersey has restrictions on milk importation the cost of a litre of Jersey milk is approx £1.12. A loaf of Island Pride bread is approximately £1.50.
The annual rate of inflation (as measured by the “all items RPI”) published in June 2010 was 2.8%.
Good Restaurants and Bars are in abundance.
Eating out is relatively cheap with most bars offering pub food from about £6.00, and restaurants offering set menus from approximately £15.00.

Further Information about Jersey can be accessed on the Island
Government website, and the local newspaper/ information site