Le Rocquier School


Moving to Jersey is a life changing experience. Several of the senior management team have moved here over the last few years and can give advice on how to successfully relocate.  The States of Jersey Department for Education, Sport and Culture also provides support for staff moving to the Island from their HR team.

Jersey has some idiosyncrasies which you need to be aware of.  Teaching staff who are not entitled to live and work in Jersey are generally appointed on a “licence”. The right to live and work in Jersey applies equally to their spouse under the terms of this licence. Most housing and most jobs are filled with people who meet the residential criteria. This licence does not transfer to a partner (if you are not married). This may mean that partners will need additional support to find employment if they wish to work. The worlds of teaching, nursing and finance tend to be easier areas in which for partners to find work.

The rules applying to students at, or going to university and applying for grants, or dependants of over school age can also be complicated.

However, there are many benefits:

v    No council tax, although there is a small parish rate.
v    No Car tax.
v    Income tax maximum 20% and no higher rate.
v    Excellent hospital care.
v    Lower petrol prices.
v    Beautiful beaches and coastline.
v    The sunniest place in the British Isles.
v    14 miles from France.  Regular ferry service and numerous daily flights to the UK and Europe.
v    Small distances to travel.
v    Small class sizes.
v    A friendly and welcoming staff.
v    No TLRs, no SEFs.
v    Very low crime rate.
v    Wonderful place to bring up children.
v    Relocation expenses paid.
v    Help with finding accommodation.
v    No OfSTED.
v    No VAT but a 5% Goods and Services Tax.

If you are ambitious and looking for a life changing experience don’t delay! Contact Philip Slater for an informal conversation on 01534 855876.