Our Vision:
In our community we challenge ourselves and each other to be the best we can be today for a better tomorrow. We nurture individuality and creativity through inspirational and challenging teaching, high expectations and aspirational goals. Our school belongs to all of our community through our shared aspiration to develop individuals who are prepared and equipped to contribute to society in a positive and sustainable way, wherever in the world that is.

Our Mission:
• We will offer a diverse curriculum tailored to the ambitions and interests of students
• We will provide high quality teaching in every classroom
• We will model and instil self-belief, compassion and respect for the environment and people through our ‘Values in Action’ strategies.
• We will create a nurturing and motivating environment where students feel safe to succeed in every aspect of their education in order to leave Le Rocquier School with the independence and initiative to live a healthy and happy life.
• We will foster courage, resilience and self-worth
• We will provide a welcoming environment respecting all cultures and beliefs
• We will provide an engaging and memorable learning experience

Our Motto:
• Learn, Respect and Succeed (LRS)

Our Values in Action:

Learn   Respect (House Values)  
Problem Solving  Loyalty  s1
Leadership & Initiative  Inclusivity  s2
Reflection & Self-Regulation  Honesty  s3
Decision Making  Fairness  s4
Perseverance & Resilience  Kindness  s5
Collaboration & Enterprise  Perseverance  s6
Independence  Success  s7