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Following a ‘safe site access and use’ review we have to advise you that unless unloading and/or loading goods/items we need to make sure that the forecourt area in front of the main Le Rocquier School building (marked in blue on the plan) and access routes around all the buildings (marked in Red) are kept clear at all times.

We do have a substantial car park to help accommodate site users and if at any time we anticipate that there may be overflow required, we will open the ball courts 1 and 2 (marked in green), to provide additional parking. The route to Overflow Parking Area 2 is via St Clement Primary School car park (marked in grey with arrows).

As use of the school site grows, and the premises are used more during evenings and weekends, we need to ensure that all access routes to, from and around the buildings are kept clear at all times. This is to help maintain a safe environment for all users and access for emergency vehicles.

We therefore need to advise you, that as of Monday 11th April 2016 (first day of the Summer term):

  • no vehicles will be permitted to park in front of the main school building.
  • no vehicles are to be left in or on access routes around the premises.
  • We also request that you advise all of your staff/customers/clients/volunteers of the same information.

This is so that we can all help keep the access and use of the school site as safe as possible.

The only exception to this, will be when the PTA Car Boot Sales operate, where the forecourt area has been designated as the ‘safe space’ for disabled drivers.

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation in this matter.

Should you have any further queries regarding on site parking or vehicular access then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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