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Your contact details
Please update the school if you change your telephone number, address or any other contact details. It is essential we are able to contact you for communications or in the case of a medical emergency.
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Lost Property
We have several lost property items that have been displayed in the main foyer this term. Please can you ensure that uniform, coats, PE kit and equipment are fully labelled with your child's name. We will always aim to return any lost property to its owner. After one half term, if the items are not claimed we will be disposing of them. It has been decided the best way is to offer the items to those who could use them. It is our intention to have a uniform rail at future parents evenings, where parents can make a donation to a good cause in exchange for uniform, kit and equipment that has come from unclaimed lost property.

Recycle uniform
If you have any old uniform, kit, equipment or coats suitable for school that your child has grown out of and it is still useful for another learner, please do forward it to reception and we will add it to our uniform rail.

Le Rocquier School

Outline of key Facilities for Disabled Staff, Students and Visitors



The Main building has two lifts which service all floors. One lift is positioned in the central hub of the building and the other in the south wing of the building.

There is no lift in the sports complex


Disabled Refuge Points

The main building has disabled refuge points on all floors.

These points have an emergency call signal system which is relayed to a light-board in the main office to indicate the position of the disabled person awaiting assistance.



There are two dedicated parking spaces available in the main car park. These are located as close as possible to the main entrance and have ramp access.


Wheelchair Access

There are three entrances/exits to the building which are level and allow wheelchair access. However, due to type of doors used on these points, none would be easy for a wheelchair bound person to use without assistance. None of these entry/exit points have automatic opening/closure functions.

The sports complex allows access to the foyer,


Disabled Toilet Access

There are disabled toilets located around the main building of the school on each floor. Ground floor x 4, First floor x 3 and Second floor x 3

There is no disabled toilet access in the sports complex


Hearing Loop System

Both the main school hall and the reception areas of the school have hearing loop systems.

There is no hearing loop system in the sports complex.


Emergency Evacuation Beacons

The SEN Department classrooms and work rooms along with the main school hall are all fitted with red flashing beacons for dual indication of emergency evacuation procedure. These beacons are installed to assist those with a hearing impairment.


Visitors who have a hearing impairment

Visitors who have a hearing impairment can also carry a radio linked device which is compatible with the school’s emergency evacuation system which will vibrate should the emergency evacuation system is activated.