(including amendments adopted at the Annual General Meting held on 25th October 2000)

1.    The name of the Association shall be the Le Rocquier School Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

2.    The object of the Association is to advance the education of students in the school. In furtherance of this object the Association may

    (a)    develop more extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the School;

    (b)    engage in activities which support the School and advance the education of the students attending it;

    (c)    provide and assist in the provision of such facilities or items for education at the school (not provided from statutory funds) as the Committee shall from time to time determine.

3.    The Association shall be non-party political and non-sectarian.

4.    The Association shall take out Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance to cover its meetings, activities, Officers and Committee.

5.    The Association may appoint a President.

6.    The names of the Vice-Presidents shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting (these are usually people the Association wishes to honour).

7.    Membership shall consist of all parents and/or guardians of students currently attending the School and all current teachers, parents and/or guardians of former students, and also other friends of the school.

8.    The management of the Association shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the following Officers - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, together with eleven other members.

9.    (a)    The Officers and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve until the commencement of the next Annual General Meeting;

    (b) Parents of former students who attended the school and other friends of the school who had, in the year immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting, been Officers or members of the Committee, shall also be eligible for re-election to the Committee in either of those capacities, provided that the proportion of such re-elected Officers and members should not exceed 50 per cent of the total number elected.

10.    Five members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

11.    The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a maximum of six other members.

12.    The Committee may appoint sub-committees as it deems necessary and shall prescribe their function, provided that all acts and proceedings of any such sub-committees shall not expend funds of the Association otherwise than in accordance with a budget agreed by the Committee.

13.    Committee meetings shall be held at least once a term.

14.    The Annual General Meeting will be held on 19th September 1995 and in the September or October of subsequent years. At the Annual General Meeting, the chair shall be taken by the Chairman or, in his/her absence, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

15.    Nominations shall be proposed and seconded by members and should have the consent of the nominee. Nominations may be made at any time prior to the conclusion of the item of business under the heading “election of Officers’ at the Annual General Meeting.

16.    The Committee may fill casual vacancies by co-option until the next Annual General Meeting.

17.    Two auditors who are not members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to audit the accounts and books of the Association.

18.    Special General Meetings may be called at the written request of a minimum of ten members.

19.    Thirty days notice shall be given of any Special General Meeting to all members of the Association.

20.    The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping account of all income and expenditure and shall present a financial report to all Committee meetings, and shall present the accounts duly audited for approval by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

21.    Bank accounts shall be operated in the name of the Association and withdrawals shall be made on the signature of any two of the Officers of the Association.

22.    The financial year shall commence on 1st September.

23.    Any matter not provided for in the Constitution and concerning the organisation and activities of the Association shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision will be final.

24.    No alteration to this Constitution may be made except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose. Alterations to the Constitution shall receive the assent of two-thirds of the members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.