Date set: Subject: Teacher: Class name: Task: Date Due:
18/05/2017 Science MBE/HFI All Sets End of Year 7 Science Exam - Week beginning the 26th June You will be examined on everything you have done during the year. I have attached the text book link below for you. Suggested Revision - I strongly advise you to do the end of topic tests. For example the first one is on page 46. If you click on the question number, it will reveal the answer, enabling you to check your work as you go along. These are the types of questions that will be in the exam. The questions in the book start off easy and get more difficult. Use the "Check Your Revision" pages too, to assess what you know, don't know and what you need to revise. For example the first one is on page 45. 26/06/2017
22.05.2017 MFL Miss Pinto All groups Homework booklets - please do some exercises each week from your homework booklet for Cycle 4. 30/06/2017
15.05.2017 MFL Miss Pinheiro 7X.3 Cycle 4 Homework booklet - Complete 1 or 2 pages each week of your booklet. 30.06.2017
15.05.2017 MFL Miss Pinheiro 7Y.1 Cycle 4 Homework booklet - Complete 1 or 2 pages each week of your booklet. 30.06.2017
08/06/2017 Maths Mr Watkins year 7 Data Homework  
        Your task is to complete the following  
        Identify an area where you could find out some data .This could be a simple survey to find out;  
        peoples eating habits in a morning,  
        How much exercise they take and what type.  
        Opinions on people getting to and from work/school  
        People viewing habits or leisure time activities.  
        Or your own choice  
        Write five questions using your knowledge of questionnaires learnt in class and homework.  
        Represent that data using a variety of methods from pie charts, bar charts, pictograms or tally charts and frequency  
        Write in approximately 100 words what you have found out from your survey, giving your own opinions as a conclusion.  
        Present all your findings on a single piece of paper at least A3.  
        You may work in pairs, but there must be the equivalent of two peoples work.  
        The deadline for this homework is 26/6/2017 26/06/2017
        I suggest one week take the survey, the week after draw all charts and analyse data and the third week present your information.  
12.06.2017 MFL Miss Pinto 7XFr1 Cycle 4 vert learn the rest of the vocabulary in Sports and Activites 30/06/2017
13.06.2017 Literacy Mrs Morlidge 7X3 Learn the following spellings: height, neither, reign, foreign, government, separate, villain, argument 20.06.2017
15.06.2017 English Mrs Koppen 7Y1 + 7X1 Complete Section 1 of your Homebooklet 26.06.2017
15.06.2017 English Miss Sale 8X4 Complete your newspaper article using your notes and template. 23.06.2017