Date set: Subject: Teacher: Class name: Task: Date Due:
17/01/2017 Art Miss O'Haire Both classes Exam Prep: 2 hours per week. Artist sheet due in 31st /2nd. Observation sheets:14th/17th Feb. Ideas sheets:7th/10th March 10/03/2017
10/02/2017 Business Mrs Hansford 11 Bus Research the local areas and local businesses to answer coursework for investigation 3. 16/02/2017
10/02/2017 Business Mrs Trott Y10 Ongoing vocab definitions 16/02/2017
10/02/2017 Psychology Mrs Lappin Yr 11 Complete table on Social Learning Methods for Reducing Aggression 16/02/2017
13/02/2017 Drama Mrs Morlidge Year 11 Make the suggested improvements to your Unit 1 exam letter and have a print out of this letter for the double lesson. 27/02/2017
14/02/2017 Photo Miss Hamel Year 11 Exam planning and Photoshop ideas. 27/02/2017
  French Miss Losh 11(2) learn the key vocab by heart - also learn for control 28/02/2017
15/02/2017 Ch Dev Mrs Trott Y10 Complete "Toddler Safety At Home" safety tips mind map in books. Also, Child Safety Top 5 hazards sheet and "how safe is your house" survey 27/02/2017