Date set: Subject: Teacher: Class name: Task: Date Due:
25.04.2017 Drama Mrs Morlidge Year 10 BTEC Complete your role-on-the-wall for your character in the extract. 02.05.2017
26.04.2017 Spanish Miss Pinheiro Yr10 Spanish Prepare answers for the speaking assessment re-sits next Tuesday.   Role-play, general conversation and photo card.   02.05.2017
26.04.2018 Spanish Miss Pinto Year 11 French Learn for vocab test: Frequently used words (2), page 123 of vocab book. Do 2016 Higher Reading Paper. Go through homework/past papers and identify questions you didn't do so well on and analyse why - check unknown words in a dictionary and learn. General revision - Bitesize and Vocabulary.  02.05.2017
26.04.2019 French Miss Pinto 7Y FR2 Reminder that all homework booklets are due for this Friday. 28.04.2017
26.04.2020 French Miss Pinto 9Y FR3 Reminder that any outstanding homework booklets are due for TOMORROW. 27.04.2017