Date set: Subject: Teacher: Class name: Task: Date Due:
07/02/2017 Drama Mrs Morlidge Year 10 BTEC Update next section in your Individual Action Plan 28/02/2017
08/02/2017 French Mrs Dicker Year 10 Module 3 booklet - complete all reading exercises 01/03/2017
10.02.17 Business Mrs Hansford Yr 10 Bus Revise business words from revision cards with a parent 17/02/2017
  French Miss Losh and Mrs Dicker both Y10 groups French booklet 27/02/2017
14/02/2017 Drama Mrs Morlidge Year 10 BTEC Make improvements to exam letter and have this printed out for the first double lesson back after half-term. 28/02/2017
14/02/2017 Photo Miss Hamel Year 10 Photo OP1 Take photos for 2nd project: chose between Colour, Texture, Street. Make sure your Disguise Powerpiont is completed. 27/02/2017