In order for you to help your child, we have streamlined our tracking and homework systems. We use a package called Doddle to set homework and monitor progress in individual subjects. It is important for parents to support this process in order for students to achieve their potential. In the first two weeks of term, your child will be given a login and password to access Doddle. Using this you and they can see what homework has been set for each lesson. They are given an individual ‘to-do’ list for homework. You can check whether it has been submitted successfully or whether it is late. If you have a query about a specific homework, you should be able to look up the instructions and, if you need further clarification, contact the teacher directly. You can also see what skills they have been working on in individual subjects by looking at the RAG rating system. This shows green for the skills that they have mastered, amber for the skills that they have been working on with partial success and red for the skills that they still need work to develop.

Teaching staff can be contacted by using an email form on this website. Click here to go to the contacts list for teaching staff