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The mock GCSE exams for Year 11 will run from the Monday 12th November 2018 until Thursday 22nd November 2018 with Art and Photography exams between the 6th and the 9th November 2018. The exams will be sat in the hall, as much as possible, to give candidates experience of the process they will have in the summer in their GCSEs. Please can you ensure that your son/daughter is prepared for each exam with the equipment they require, e.g. pen, pencil, rubber, calculator, ruler etc in a transparent pencil case. The exams will be held under the same controlled conditions as the real GCSEs and candidates will be reminded of the rules and regulations at the start of each exam. These are in place to ensure each and every candidate has the best opportunity to achieve their desired grades.

Those students with Access Arrangements will be catered for in support. Students have been given a hard copy of this timetable.

  pdf View the full exam timetable here (301 KB)

Year 9 Parents

We have received the CAT's results this week. We are currently in the process of merging the data into a letter. It is our intention to post these out on Friday.

 PTA 100 Club Winners Announced!

The winners for the last 2 months for the 100 Club are as follows:

· September 32

· October 72

Dear Parent

School closures during severe weather

As the risk of ice and snow on the roads approaches once again, I wanted to outline the arrangements that are in place in the event of severe weather and possible school closures.

The Met office always gives the Department for Education Sport & Culture (ESC), Transport and Technical Services and Connex advance warning if there is a risk of severe weather. If a decision is made to close schools information will be provided in the following ways:

•  will be updated at 6am, 8am and 1:30pm if necessary
•    the media will be informed and messages will be broadcast on Radio Jersey between 7 a.m.  and 8 a.m. and throughout the day
•    Channel Television will carry newsflashes during broadcast hours
•    Channel 103 will carry newsflashes during broadcast hours
•    Connex will issue regular updates on their website.

I have detailed the different scenarios below so that you can plan for the times that schools are likely to close.

Decision to close / delay in opening Schools

If conditions deteriorate overnight a decision will be made by 6am.

If conditions are forecast to improve the decision may be delayed until 8am.

If the opening of schools is deIayed and conditions improve, schools will open at 10:30am and the school bus service will be rescheduled accordingly.

If it is not feasible for schools to open by 10:30am then they will remain closed for the day.

Decision to close schools during the day

If weather conditions are forecast to deteriorate during the day, while schools are in session, then school bus service may run earlier. Connex will make a decision by 11.30am and buses will collect children by 1.30pm.
ESC will inform schools of the decision by email and phone.

Pre-agreed transport / collection arrangements between parents and schools

In the event that the school bus service is cancelled whilst schools are in session, then headteachers will follow the preferred wishes of parents as indicated on the school data forms. It is important therefore that any changes to these are communicated to schools.These transport arrangements are categorised as follows:

These transport arrangements are categorised as follows:

1.    Pupil to remain at school until collected
2.    Pupil to make his/her own way home on foot
3.    Pupil to walk to a specified alternative location (only when appropriate - depending on age and distance to agreed location).
If you do not drive or are unable to walk to your child's school, it is important that you have an agreed plan in place with your school.

Work available on-line

If schools do close work will be available for pupils / students on line at

Inevitably when schools close other than as planned, it can cause considerable disruption to children, parents and local businesses. I hope that by communicating these procedures early, any subsequent disruption will be minimised.