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'BBC School Report Day 2018: Thursday 15th March.
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Due to circumstances outside of our control we have moved Year 11 parents evening from Tuesday 27th March to the new date of Wednesday 28th March 2018, online bookings will be available shortly.

Three weeks have flown by in the busy life of our school since my last head teacher’s update. We have had a large number of visitors to the school and a huge range of activities have been taking place. I am in awe of our staff who continue to go above and beyond with the events that they involve the students in.

At the end of February, the poor weather sadly meant that the Winchester PeaceJam was cancelled and Miss Sweeney was unable to take our student delegates. I know they had been looking forward to this for a long time. Our school also closed for the day on 28th February. Sadly I have no pictures of snowmen to share, although I am sure our students (and staff!) were as artistic as ever with their efforts. During the same week we had a visit from our PiXL (Partners in Excellence) advisor, Karen Dagwell. She braved the weather to come and see what work we are doing to raise standards across the school. I also had the honour the following week of showing our Children’s Commissioner, Deborah McMillan, around the school. She took the time to meet students in their lessons and we were delighted to find that her youth advisory board includes our previous Head Boy, Laurent Ybert, and a current student, Jya Dingle, who were part of her interview panel. We have put a questionnaire from the Children’s Commissioner on Doddle for all students to complete and have sent a link on Parentmail to families. It is important that she hears as many opinions as possible from young people and their families in Jersey to help guide her on the key issues in our community. I would urge you to complete this if you haven’t already.

Last week, Year 8 and Year 10 students completed the Jersey Schools Survey. This is conducted across the Island with specific year groups from all schools to find out information for the States Statistics Department. Results from this will be published in the future by the States of Jersey.

Also last week, we had two important trips. Three of my Media Studies students were able to visit ITV Channel TV at the Waterfront to look around the studios and see how the news rooms operate. They felt this was a very rewarding trip and are interested in a career in the media in the future. In addition, Mrs Trott accompanied six Year 10 students to the police station for International Women’s Day. They met various members of staff who perform a key tasks at the police station and are positive female role models. (See below for the teams of the week.)

This week has been incredibly busy. On Monday we had the Year 10 Parents’ Evening. On Tuesday, I visited a PiXL conference in London and I am keen to roll out some of their ideas about celebrating success within the school. On Wednesday, our Standards Advisor from the Education Department toured the school and was very positive about the lessons she saw. Also, our Total Communications Centre for deaf students was reviewed by external visitors. They were glowing about the students they met and the staff who work so hard to ensure Le Rocquier is a fully inclusive school where students are aware of the needs of our deaf community. On Wednesday evening, Mr Hayward and Mrs Harvey organised the Le Rocquier teams for the annual Swimmarathon. The teams were excellent in their levels of enthusiasm, despite coming straight from a long day at school! Thursday saw Miss Sweeney’s roving reporters take part in the BBC School Report. The students visited BBC Radio Jersey and the in-school reporters filmed several pieces about current issues. Please take time to watch the news items at You will see some of our potential broadcasters of the future honing their skills. I would also like to congratulate the Year 11 Photography students on the completion of their exams this week. They have produced some incredible pieces and I was very proud to visit the Eisteddfod this weekend to see the work of the Art and Photography students from Le Rocquier awarded so many prizes.

Student of the Week from the week beginning 26th February was Sophie Fromage (10KHd) for her outstanding piece of homework based on visual illusions for GCSE Psychology. She recorded a participant (her little sister) reciting all of the 21 facts that Sophie had to teach her, names, what the illusion was and what strategy the brain uses to make sense of the illusion - difficult stuff!
Team of the Week was Mrs Stier and Mrs Lappin’s Year 11 Monday PSHE groups for working professionally and in a very mature way when they were asked to do role plays for interviewing. They were incredibly successful and both members of staff were impressed with their attitude and behaviour.
Student of the Week for the week beginning 5th March was Katie Tumelty. She was nominated by Miss Hampton for achieving 99% in the Maths ‘walking talking’ mock and only dropping 1 mark!
Team of the Week was the Year 10 Ambassadors for Le Rocquier. Alannah Gates, Jessica McGillivray and Ruben Joaquim visited ITV Channel Television for the day to see how the organisation runs. Staff from other schools and from Channel TV commented on what a credit these students were. In addition, Mollie Dalton, Alice Millen, Emilia Sheehan, Alicia Warren, Ellie Hughes and Melissa Romeril visited the Police Station on International Women’s Day. They were also a credit to the school and were really inspired by the women at the police station.
This week, Student of the Week goes to Logan Le Flem for an unprompted act of kindness towards a very tired member of staff at the Year 10 Parents’ Evening. He was very empathetic and the member of staff greatly appreciated his thoughtfulness.

This week’s Team of the Week goes to Miss O’Haire’s 10/D Art class who work extremely hard, have made wonderful progress recently on their ‘Food’ final paintings and are an absolute delight to teach. The students are Diogo Aguiar, Caitlin Bisson, Diana Da Silva, Lucy De Sousa, Jesssica Fernandes, Lucy Henson, Paulina Kordzinska, Emma Lawrence, Jordan Macdonald, Bianca Mihai, Alana Moyse, Kimberley Ogilvie, Rafaela Parente and Hollie Quinn-Hopley.

I have an additional Team of the Week to award this week. It is the Le Rocquier staff who gave up their Wednesday night to don their swimming caps and supervise the Le Rocquier students. The Le Rocquier teams were organised by Mr Hayward and Mrs Harvey who work tirelessly every year to put together enough student teams to fill our lanes. Staff in attendance or swimming also included Mrs Milner, Miss Pinheiro, Mr Denes, Mr Ali, Mr Dicker, Miss Kearney, Mr Parkes, Mr Webster, Miss Espana, Mrs Faulkner and Miss O’Connell.
Another sporting moment to be proud of this week was the performance of our Year 8 netball teams at the tournament on Tuesday night. The 8A team came joint second with St Michael’s after a very close game which saw them draw 6-6! The 8B team came a very respectable 3rd place overall. Miss Espana would like to give an additional big thank you to Lili Scott for umpiring and overseeing the B teams.

I would like to thank Jersey College for Girls who have awarded four of our Year 11 students a bursary to attend revision sessions over the Easter holidays in the Revision Academy. It is wonderful when our schools work collaboratively to offer the best provision for our young people. Finally, I would like to wish the Art and Graphics students the best of luck in their exams this week. They have been working hard to prepare and it will be exciting to the see the end result of their efforts.

Have a great week.
Sam Baglin.