It has been a much warmer week now that the heating is working properly. Students no longer need to bring additional jumpers as the rooms are all toasty! We thank the students for their patience and the site staff for their efforts to keep the systems functioning.

Mrs Banks and the Heads of House have been working hard on a new points system for students across the school. This allows staff to easily allocate house points for positive behaviours shown in and out of lessons, as well as deduct points for negative behaviours. As teachers record these, we can very quickly build a picture of who is playing a positive role in the school community and who needs pointing in the right direction. The achievement points can be for something as simple as a positive contribution to a lesson, an excellent piece of work, a kind deed, any certificate received or being helpful. The number of points allocated depends on the level of achievement. We look forward to rewarding students for their efforts and it allows for some exciting rivalry between the Heads of House who are a competitive bunch!

I have received several nominations for both Student of the Week and Team of the week. All nominees will receive house point but the overall winner for Student of the Week is Paisley Bracken in Year 11 for her patience and maturity in a difficult situation, her commitment to learning in English and her helpfulness with Mrs Devereux before school. The Team of the Week goes to Mr Belkebir’s Year 11 Maths class who have been entered for an additional exam and studied hard for six weeks. 27 of these students even attended a Saturday class for extra revision. We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work.

The Visual Arts Faculty students in Year 11 have been handed their preparation tasks for their final exams. Miss O’Haire was very impressed with their strong and enthusiastic start to the exam period and looks forward to seeing the gradual completion of their exam sheets over the coming weeks.

A mention has to be made of the Year 7a netball team who beat JCG 14-10 this week. This is an excellent achievement and we are very proud of them.

Have a good weekend.
Mrs Baglin.