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Le Rocquier Ski Trip 2017 St. Anton Austria
Information on the Le Rocquier Ski trip to St. Anton in Austria pdf can be found here (663 KB)


I have been really impressed over the last fortnight with the quality of work the Year 11 students have been doing in their Visual Arts subjects (Art, Photography and Graphics). It is absolutely first class - well done to everyone involved. Student of Week this week is Victoria Vieira for her outstanding study sheet which received a Platinum award at the Eisteddfod.

Team of the Week is Le Rocquier’s Linguistics Team: Matthew Stocke and Adam Buckfield for their amazing achievement at the Linguistics Olympiad. They passed the Breakthrough levels and achieved a certificate for their participation and effort at Foundation level. Unfortunately the toilet situation at school has been causing a few issues this week. In an attempt to control too many students leaving their lessons to go to the toilet, instead of going at break or lunch times, we have been locking most (but not all) of the toilets during lesson time. This has reduced the number of disruptions to lessons and students missing their learning time. Toilets are available at all times, we are just trying to encourage students to go at more appropriate times. I will be announcing changes on Monday which should alleviate many, if not all, of the of the associated issues that have arisen. There is currently a visual presentation in Reception, of the proposed cycle/walk way from Le Rocquier towards town. This should make 'the lanes' (the narrower roads in close proximity to our school) much safer for our cyclists and our walkers. Students, staff and parents are welcome to visit the presentation and encouraged to complete a short questionnaire for the Planning Department. The presentation will be transferred to the Parish Hall on Wednesday.

Mr Slater