It has been a very busy two weeks in school. Two weeks ago we had the school production of Bugsy Malone. The cast and crew did an outstanding job of putting on a very memorable performance. I hope you managed to see the coverage in the Jersey Evening Post. There were some fantastic photographs of the dancers, singers and actors. I can’t express how much work goes into a production of this scale so my heartfelt thanks go to Mrs Morlidge, the director, Mr Arnett, the musical director, Miss Le Blancq, the choreographer, Miss Sale, the lighting and sound director and Mrs Faulkner, the stage director. They had a team of students working hard behind the scenes in all areas. There were also numerous people behind the scenes doing hair, make up, refreshments and splurge gun maintenance. Without these people giving up their valuable time, the show would never go on. An additional thank you needs to go to the JMS and staff musicians who gave up their time to make the performance so fantastic. Take a look back at our Facebook page for photographs of the splurge gun attack on Mrs Morlidge on the final night!

Last week was the turn of Miss Le Blancq. She has continued Miss Hansford’s legacy by putting on a Dance Show to rival all others. We had performers who qualified for the Dance World Cup in Barcelona as well as our own past and present students. Friday’s audience was a sell-out and the atmosphere was electric. Again, my heartfelt thanks go to Miss Le Blancq for the countless hours that she put in for rehearsals. Miss Sale headed the Tech Teach once more and we wish Olivia Williams and Nathan Healey (who have been in the Tech Team since starting at Le Rocquier) the best of luck in their exams this summer. Again, there were countless others behind the scenes on costume, hair, make up etc. The students excelled themselves in the show and made Miss Le Blancq very proud. I can only hope she has now caught up on her sleep!

Mrs Teixeira has passed on the names of ten students who have passed their ‘KET’ and ‘PET’ Cambridge English exams. These students speak a different language at home but complete their schooling in English, so it is really positive to see that every student passed the exams with flying colours. My thanks to Mrs Teixeira for her hard work with these students and support for them in lessons.

Team of the Week for the week beginning 23rd April went to the cast and crew of Bugsy Malone. There were two Students of the Week for this week. Miss Sweeney took two students to the Peace Jam on 21st April. This took place in Winchester with the special guest, Tawakkol Karman who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 in recognition of her non-violent struggle for women’s rights. Courtney Le Monnier (10CMa) and Patryk Ostrowski (10KHd) accompanied Miss Sweeney after putting in hours of their own time preparing for and taking part in the conference. Both should be commended for their professionalism and excellent representation of the school.

Team of the Week for the week beginning 30th April went to the cast and crew of the Dance Show. Student of the Week was nominated by Mrs Trott and went to Anthony Vinrace in Year 7 who was community spirited enough to find a bag and, despite being on crutches, make the lengthy journey to the main school office to ensure it was not stolen! It is simple acts of kindness like this that make me so proud of our school.

I would like to wish Year 10 the best of luck starting their Project Trident placements today. They have three weeks in the real world of work and I hope they take every opportunity to get the best from their placements. They have a tough time ahead as they will return to school after half term to start their Year 10 mock exams.

Sam Baglin.