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Activities Week
As many of you will know this week is our Activities Week and there are several off island trips under way. This is just to reassure you that we are in contact with the leaders of all our trips and have no major cause for concern. None of our groups are in or near Manchester.  We and the Education Department monitor events in the UK and around the world when our students are away and we would contact parents immediately if and when the need arises.

I am glad to report that the Year 7s, 8s and 9s are all thriving on 'the in school', 'on island' or 'off island' activities. The Year 10 are excelling with their work placements and the Year 11's are making the best of the last minute revision opportunities at the school.

Mr Slater


GCSE grades are changing. Further information here.....


Staff Training Afternoon – Thursday 22nd June 2017
As part of our continued staff training programme as mentioned in my letter sent on 13 September 2016, this is information to all parents that Thursday 22nd June 2017 has been allocated as an extra training afternoon for all staff at Le Rocquier. (In the September letter we originally said this would be May 17th). This is the same day as the planned half day closure for the Y11 Prom.
This would therefore mean that the school would only be closed for one half day instead of two half days this term.
To enable this training to proceed, school will close at 12:20pm, with the school buses leaving at 12:30pm.
For any student who cannot safely go home, supervised activities will be available at school. Please inform your son or daughter’s tutor, in writing or by email, if you would like them to stay at school until 3:00pm. Please note that no buses will be available at 3:00pm.

Yours faithfully
Phil Slater


Head teacher: Mr. Philip Slater
Address: St Clement, Jersey JE2 6QP
Telephone: (01534) 855876
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Le Rocquier School - Our School, Our Education, Our Future.
The new Le Rocquier school building opened in February 2006; a modern, spacious and innovative building that is a focus for our dynamic learning community. In the following profile I have highlighted some of the areas that will be of interest to prospective parents and students.

Pastoral Care
We place a high priority on the pastoral care of students. Each year group in the school is divided into a number of form groups looked after by a tutor, supported by a Head of Year, both of whom will normally stay with the year group as students move through the school. An intensive Induction Programme for Year 6 students exists to help make their transition to Le Rocquier School a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Key staff visit each primary school, and students enjoy a two day induction programme where they follow a special timetable and meet other students and staff. Some students are invited to our extended induction programme which culminates in a Summer Learning Festival during the summer holiday.

In order to make the transition to secondary school as smooth as possible, year 7 have their own school within the main school called ‘Little Rocq’. This means that they have their own team of staff and can enjoy all the facilities without having to share them with the older students. This has been highly successful and this arrangement is popular with students and parents/carers. In the majority of subjects where student numbers allow, setting occurs so that teaching can support student ability. We use academic data to set challenging targets and feedback progress to parents three times a year.

Students follow the Jersey Curriculum through Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) and will enjoy a very wide range of options at Key Stage 4. Careers and Personal guidance is an important part of the curriculum. Over 90% of students stay on in full-time education.

We offer a full programme of extra-curricular activities. These include a full PE programme, homework club, Science Club, drama productions, sign-language classes, charity work, art club and First Aid training. Our Library and ICT suites are open to all year groups at all break times and after school for learning activities. Activities Week in the Summer Term offers students a wide range of interesting on and off island activities.

Special Needs
There is a strong commitment to Special Educational Needs. We have a team of Special Needs teachers and Teaching Assistants. Links with external agencies are strong. Le Rocquier has strong partnerships with a variety of outside agencies who contribute to the school’s Multi Agency Support Team (MAST). The Island’s provision for students with impaired hearing is located at Le Rocquier.

Student Leadership
A leadership development programme is in place for students to follow from year 7 to year 11. These opportunities include helping to receive visitors, library volunteers, peer readers, sports leaders, student mentors, both Senior and Junior head boys / head girls and prefect roles. A successful School Council, which manages its own budget, is run by students for students.

All students are assigned a House when they arrive. The Houses are based on five of the continents to support the school’s international dimension. Le Rocquier is the first school in the Channel Islands to win the British Council’s International School Award. All aspects of the curriculum have an international content so that students can learn about global issues and their place in a rapidly changing world. Close links have been developed with schools in France and Kenya.

Investors in People
The school has been awarded ‘Investors in People’ at Gold Level and is designated as an Investor in People ‘Champion’, which demonstrates the commitment and dedication of a strong and well-qualified staff team that works together to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Le Rocquier.

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)
In 2013, Le Rocquier was again awarded the LPPA which recognizes the extensive work undertaken with parents and carers including our Parenting courses and support groups.

Students at Le Rocquier School are well-motivated. National examination results are very good and show extremely good Value Added in many subjects.