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 Staff Training Day – Wednesday 3 January 2018

The current deputy head teacher, Sam Baglin, will be assuming the position of acting head teacher of Le Rocquier School from January 2018.

As a result of this appointment, it has been agreed with the Chief Education Officer, Justin Donovan, that the school will be closed on Wednesday 3 January 2018. The reasons for this closure are primarily twofold: First, to provide an opportunity for the staff to refocus and agree the school’s priorities for 2018. Second, to offer the staff quality time to meet and undertake professional development relevant to the school’s revised priorities.Unfortunately,the closure of the school will mean that you will need to make alternative arrangements for your child. Le Rocquier School will open on Thursday 4 January 2018 at the normal time.

Le Rocquier School’s International Dimension

The curriculum at Le Rocquier has been enhanced to support International Awareness. All subject areas are involved with broadening the educational experiences of students who attend the school.

Examples of such experiences have been:

International week- involving activities such as language work shops, quizzes, presentations and fashion.

Languages day- where all staff taught students in the languages that they were confident with. These included Russian, Afrikaans, Italian, Spanish, French, Welsh, Portuguese and Japanese.

Foods from around the world. The canteen staff prepared examples of foods from different countries and different cultures

Projects in art have focused on African Art.

Video conferences with our partner schools. In particular two schools in America have been in regular contact via the video conference link. Students have swapped experiences and have been also involved with exchanging year books, post cards and photos.

Student assemblies have featured presentations on life in Jordan, Egypt, India and Australia.

We welcome staff and students who bring with them a wealth of experience from other cultures an countries.

We also encourage our staff to bring back flags with them from the countries that they visit on holiday. We celebrate the international days associated with many countries and even have special ‘non-uniform days’ where students can dress in the costumes of other countries.

Le Rocquier is truly an international school.